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2 Colours 3G Cabinet  Jalan Adenium , Bukit Beruntung
2 Colours 3G Cabinet  Jalan Adenium , Bukit Beruntung
2 Colours 3G Cabinet  Jalan Adenium , Bukit Beruntung
2 Colours 3G Cabinet  Jalan Adenium , Bukit Beruntung
2 Colours 3G Cabinet  Jalan Adenium , Bukit Beruntung


Countertop Material : QQ Quartz Surface: Black quartz countertops look stunning and classy in your kitchen. What’s more, it doesn’t stain easily.
Choosing the perfect countertop option is just one small part of a cohesive and beautiful room design
Quartz Stone Surface is easy-to-clean, scratch and stain resistant. Quartz Stone Surface comes in many colors and thicknesses and textures; it is ideal for cabinets countertops, furniture Surface table top and shelving. It can be used for unique applications.

Cabinet carcass Material : Melamine board ( MFC Board ): Melamine is used to laminate a design onto a substrate like plywood, particleboard or MDF. ... Becausemelamine hardens when heated, the surface of the decorative cabinet is scratch-resistant, colorfast and highly durable. The melamine used in kitchen cabinetry is more specifically, Thermally-Fused Melamine, or TFM.

Kitchen cabinet Door material : 4G Glass: Door is commonly used as a closet door, with Glass, Mirror, Uni crystal Glass, Texture Glass, Frosted Glass, Decorative Melamine Faced board (MFC), Plywood laminate & … etc, it is safe to use in your cupboard or anywhere else in your home.
Laminated glass offers many advantages. Safety and security are the best known of these, so rather than shattering on impact, laminated glass is held together by the interlayer. This reduces the safety hazard associated with shattered glass fragments, as well as, to some degree, the security risks associated with easy penetration.

Stuck for ideas when it comes to kitchen cabinetry? We can help to transform your space. Drawing inspiration from trends around the world, our designs are both beautiful and functional.
Look to us for wonderful kitchen cabinets available in a range of colours, finishes and styles. Whether it’s overhead, down low or somewhere in between, we have all the boxes ticked when it comes to your DIY kitchen accessories and fittings.
Kitchen renovations and remodels often get a bad rap, boasting high price tags, unexpected costs and ridiculous timelines. At Art Storage, we believe every Selangor home deserves a perfect kitchen, which is why we’ve developed a DIY friendly range focused on design, quality, style and functionality.
You can design your kitchen with our 3D kitchen planner and save heaps in the process by doing it all yourself!

From expert advice and inspiration for your kitchen or laundry design, through to detailed information on assembly and installation, Art Storage Plt has everything you need to turn your kitchen ideas into reality.
Whether you love to cook, love to entertain or love spending time with your family, your kitchen will be the centrepiece of your home.
To get started on your new kitchen, book a showroom consultation today.

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