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Cabinet Design for small kitchen, Ken Rimba Shah Alam
Cabinet Design for small kitchen, Ken Rimba Shah Alam
Cabinet Design for small kitchen, Ken Rimba Shah Alam


Worktop Material : Jess Stone Quartz Surface-Comix Galaxy: Countertops are a major focus of kitchen, The color and design of the countertopscan completely alter a kitchen’s feel. Quartz countertops bring elegance into a kitchen with gorgeous focal points of natural variegated patterns. Some people choose the quartz aesthetic because its patterns feel more versatile and less busy than more popular granite countertops.
What are the benefits of Jess stone Quartz Surface table top? Effective resilience, timeless benefits 1. Nonporous. Incredibly impenetrable, dense, and resilient for long-lasting quality. 2. Durable. Harder, stronger, and safer than marble, granite, and other natural stones. 3. Easy to Clean. ..., 4. Hygienic.....,5. Stain Free. ...6. Scratch Resistant. ...7. Enduring Quality.

Cabinet carcass Material : Melamine board ( MFC Board ): Melamine Board is easy-to-clean, scratch and stain resistant. Melamine Board comes in many colors and thicknesses and textures; it is ideal for cabinets, countertops, furniture and shelving. It can be used for unique applications, as well. Recommend you to choose waterproof type

Kitchen cabinet Door material : Melamine board ( MFC Board ): Is melamine stronger than wood? QUESTION: Is Wood stronger than Melamine, or the other way around? -ANSWER: Both Materials are equally as strong when
assembled. Melamine will not dent like wood will and is also scratch and stain resistant.

Are you looking at new kitchen cabinets for your home? If you are then you want to make sure you have the absolute best you can get, right? You want a company that you can trust to give you high quality and also something you’ll love. 
That’s exactly what we’ve looked to do right here, help you figure out just which are the best kitchen cabinet companies you need to check out.

Designing your kitchen renovation is the perfect step toward making your dream kitchen a reality – and we’ve got you covered with our range of beautiful, high-quality products that can be customised to suit your space.
An intelligent design, outstanding quality and experienced workmanship are required for creating a kitchen that is highly functional, comfortable and look pleasing to the eyes.
Art Storage Kitchens provide the finest finishes for your new custom made kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are one of the easily noticeable elements of a kitchen.
When creating a new custom kitchen you can choose from the diverse works comprising of old classic designs to modern style.


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