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Your Most Ideal Cabinet Heights

Your Most Ideal Cabinet Heights

Choosing Your Most IDEAL Cabinet Heights

If you're not an architect, ordering the correct size kitchen cabinets might seem overwhelming. Without the correct cabinet sizes and dimensions, you risk non-functional cabinetry in your kitchen.
That brings us to what the standard height for kitchen cabinets is. Does it vary? And how do you know what is best for your home, its architecture, and how you intend to use your space?

Every centimetre counts!

There are a few factors to consider when designing the perfect kitchen cabinets, just as important, the cupboards have to look and feel—proportional, none is as important as the size of your cabinets.

Base Cabinet Dimensions!
These sturdy, essential pieces go right on the floor and do the “heavy lifting” when it comes to storage.
Base cabinets are usually where you store larger kitchen items like that Kitchen Aid; Mixer, large pots, and pans, and items you’re less likely to pull out every day.
Base cabinets have sinks installed within them.
Countertops cover them and they surround stoves and dishwashers. Basically, they are the most expensive counters to install because they are the most versatile and must be the sturdiest.
Serving our Malaysians, your typical base cabinet dimensions are as follows:
  • Base cabinet height: 70cm
  • Height of upper side of base cabinet from floor: 85cm including counter top
  • Depth of base cabinet: 60cm
Standards for Upper Cabinets in Kitchens

The upper wall cabinets in kitchens almost always are installed so that the bottom edge of the cabinet is 147cm above the floor.
The height of the base cabinet from floor is usually 85cm (including the countertop).

The reason for this is that 65cm clearance between base cabinets and uppers are regarded as the optimal working space.
The deep of upper cabinets ideally is at 32cm. 

These distances are shown to be ergonomically practical for anyone over 122cm tall (>4feet), and optimal for an average user 172.72cm in height (5ft 8 inches).

With the standard upper cabinet 70cm tall and 32cm deep, a 172.72cm tall user will be able to reach all shelves without a step stool. Anyone shorter may need a step stool--or the assistance of a taller family member--to easily access upper shelves. 
There are, of course, some exceptions to these standards.

The specialty wall cabinets that fit above a refrigerator or range will be installed higher than other upper cabinets, and may also be deeper than the standard 32cm. 

Varying the Installation Heights

These installation standards can be varied slightly to match the needs of users, although this is limited by the dimensions of wall/upper cabinets.

Catering for our Malaysian market, normally we suggest the bottom of the wall cabinet to begin at 147cm height from floor. A typical Malaysian family will have the average height of members at 165.1cm (5 ft. 5 inches) or shorter.

A family with very tall members might install cabinets slightly higher for convenience. These small variations are within the accepted range, and will not dramatically affect sale potential of your home in future.
Handicap Accessible Kitchens
More dramatic variation in height standards can be necessary for homes or apartments used by those with physical disabilities, such as people confined to wheelchairs. Special base cabinets may built that are 85cm (including countertop) or lower in height from floor, and upper cabinets can be installed on the wall much lower than normal in order to allow wheelchair users to reach them easily.

A newer innovation is electrically operated cabinetry that raises and lowers the upper wall cabinets, making them easy to use for both physically challenged and physically able family members. 

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