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Choose The Right Faucet

Choose The Right Faucet
Good looking shouldn’t the only factor you concern!! Choose the right Faucet

Pull-out Spray Faucet

Pull-Out and Pull Down Spray Faucet

Besides normal faucet, Pull-Out and Pull-Down Spray Faucet have been commonly used in today modern household. But people confused the difference between these two types of faucets. Pull-Out spray faucet has long twistable hose allow you swivel to side bowl of the sink but its problem of long hose affect difficult to fill the tall pots in the bowl. Pull-Down Spray Faucet’s spout is taller allow you to fill in tall pots but it without a twistable nose that can swivel to other blow. You shouldn’t choose to depend on good looking but your needs and practicality.

Pull-down (dual-handle) Spray Faucet

Dual-Handle Faucet

Dual-Handle Faucet has two handles for hot water and cold on each. But you have to consider do you really need hot water? Yes, it may more suitable for toilet and countries with cold weather. It may not necessary for the kitchen as it more difficult to clean and not practical.

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