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Drawer Glide

Drawer Glide
People properly ignore and don’t care Drawer glide until it’s too late

Do you find you drawer often tuck, sag, tilt or can’t even open or fully extend? It became huge trouble in every household as difficult and costly replace all drawer glides. Knowing how to choose a proper drawer glides before cabinet has installed is critically important.

What people usually concern the most while buying a kitchen cabinet is style, design, color and material but not really care about the drawer glides. But the drawer actually is one of the main functions of kitchen cabinet and a well-constructed and durable drawer is the determinant of a high-quality kitchen cabinet. Consider what type of glides for your drawer is important. Before that, users have to clarify how you going to use your drawer, what type of things u going to stock? Is it heavy?

Firstly, if your drawer is plan to heavy stock, it is important to ensure the slide are made from heavy-duty material together with easy-gliding rollers or ball bearings, and selection of material will not rust over time is essential.

Side-mount Drawer

Side, bottom or corner mounted
There are three selections of glides which include three-quarter-extension and epoxy-coated glides which able bear up to 35 Kg. While full-extension slides able to bear up to 45 Kg and allow access to the entire drawer.

Under-mount Drawer

Under-mounted glide is relatively more expensive than other glides. Besides it looks nicer as it hides the workable part plus functions three times and able to carry more weight which up to 75Kg, so it is worth for. A good glide has built-in bumpers to cushion the impact able to be closed more smoothly as we call soft-close.

Check your drawer
When monitoring the construct of your cabinet, make sure to check your drawer whether can opens easily, quietly and does not tilt down or up when fully extended.

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