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Choosing Right Material For Your Countertop

Choosing Right Material For Your Countertop
Knowledge that you must know for choosing the right material for your countertop

Do you experience your cabinet stone surface top easily get stains or snatch but contractor or manufacturer would say it can’t claim with warranty and they won’t responsible for it due to natural wear-and-tear? It all related to the type of stone and material.

The stone selection knowledge is what we not familiar with as seller won’t tell much detail since only aim to generate profit. Chosen a wrong material may result in huge regret and financial loss.



Natural Stone

Granite and Marble are natural stone we familiar with where typically made from huge raw granite stone and cut into the favorable size and polished. But most of the people do not know that choosing a marble or granite for kitchen countertop is a big mistake. Porous exist on stone easily absorbs liquids and bacteria to causing stains or virus from any of acid such as soy sauce, tomato source, and red wine without properly cleaned immediately will eat away the polish and causing strain which can’t remove forever.

However, Granite and Marble share the characteristic of elegant, luxury, grandeur and personality last forever with its unique natural patina and always be grandeur and won’t get out of trend, used it on the wall or floor may more suitable.


Quartz surface stone


Quartz refers compress stone from glass, mirror, sand, quartz and other stones. It is more suitable to adopt for kitchen cabinet countertop as its high resistance to stains, scratches, chips and heat. It is more eco-friendly as it mixes with small stones and other materials rather than cut a huge raw stone as a whole. As the demand gets higher and Quart has come in a variety of pattern and color with more affordable price induce more modern design and bring cleanliness living as it won’t absorbs and liquids and virus.

Solid Surface

Solid Surface

If you are looking for more unique colors, shapes and styles. Solid surface is best for you which able to customize as your request. It typically made with the mixture of polyester, acrylic and other harmless materials.

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