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Selection Of Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Selection Of Kitchen Cabinet Hinges
Hidden details you properly don’t care, but you should consider it!! Selection of kitchen cabinet hinges.

Soft Close Hinge Trick
Sometime people may doubt why their soft close hinge is not function and still making noise while door shut. Most of the soft close hinges have a built-in hydraulic gas spring to allow closed smoothly. Here is some trick the reason why you door still shut with noise because that degree you opened your door is not big enough. The soft close will only work while the door opened at least more than 45 degree and above.

In the market, there are many good soft close hinges offer many different unique closing patterns such as BLUM hinge has an external hydraulic gas spring allow soft close function while even door only opened for a small degree.

A hinge is hidden details you usually overlook but actually, it is important that you should recognize in order to choose a suitable hinge for your kitchen cabinet. Knowing the feature of each type of hinge is worth to avoid the wrong decision.

Hydraulic soft-close hinge

Type of hinge
Actually different type of hinge has its own special feature, but people properly don’t aware it and deem to be all the same. Here is few type of hinge. The most commonly used for kitchen cabinet door is named European hinge which is good looking for a full-overlay cabinet and usually come with adjustable and soft close option.  Lipped hinge is more common suit for any type of cabinet but hinge pin is visible and means to design for rebated doors. Surface hinge requires a latch to keep the door shut. The heavy door is best for using Wraparound hinges.

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