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Plumbing System

Plumbing System
Plan you Plumbing System, you can avoid various problems in long-term!

Outlet Position

Inlet and Outlet

Do you wonder why the awful smell of your sink drain can’t be completely solved? The problem causes by wrong Plumbing System planning. Most people didn’t have much knowledge about plumbing system and contractors won’t tell much to complicated their construction. What you should look out is the water outlet position. Most developers will set countertop position at 80cm height from the floor and the outlet position will be set at 50cm height from the floor where if the depth of the sink and drain pipes take space of height more than 30cm will make outlet position upper than those piping hence induce unlovely food residues hard to flow water out. It is recommended to move your outlet position lower down to the favorable position which around 40cm before installing your cabinet and sink. For water inlet position, placed above your cabinet is better than below which is around 90 cm height from the floor.

PVC pipe

Copper pipe

Type of Plumbing Pipe

Copper Pipes which is more familiar as it very reliable and been used for decades, long life, durable and not pollute drinking water make favor used in every residential and commercial building especially transport hot water but the cons is expensive and require skill in soldered together. PVC Pipe is more suitable for you to use for your kitchen plumbing which is not expensive and durable. Galvanized Steel is not recommended where easily rusting in internal because of zinc coating and not suitable use for transport drinking water.


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