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Buying Right Kitchen Sink

Buying Right Kitchen Sink
The truth that salesperson won’t tell! Proper consideration for buying Right Kitchen Sink

Typically kitchen sink can be differentiate into two types which are under-mount and top-mount. But most of the salespersons won’t tell you the truth that top-mount sink can’t be installed for under-mount. Sinks that designed for under-mount purpose have a thin edge where the top-mount sink’s edge is thicker. Using top-mount sink for under-mount is not a good choice where top-mounted sink has a thicker edge so that makes a big gap between the countertop and the support structure and result insects easily hide in the gap and even make the cabinet structure weaker induce water leaking over time.

Knowledge of choosing Kitchen Sink
Enamel-coated cast iron sink is better looking but its enamel can easily scratch, you should only consider if you are low usage on kitchen. Same with solid surface sinks though is easier to clean but it is very easy to scratch and surface can be damaged by hot pans.
Undermount skin Malaysia Kitchen Cabinet Table Top

Undermount skin

Where stainless steel sink will be the best option for a kitchen but the reason people choose not the adopt it is because of noisy sound. The lower-gauge of stainless steel the thicker and thicker sink makes less noisy sound. Besides, good quality sinks have a rubber dampening pad on sink under can reduce the noisy sound efficiently. Stainless steel sink has under-mount capability, but apply high-grade sealant and double silicon sealant is essential. Double silicon sealant refers places one layer of silicon on sink’s edge and one other layer on the wood that support the sink in order to attaches with countertop hence reduces water seepage.

Moreover, it is important to buy a sink that has stone guard undercoating to prevent condensation which refers the tiny drops of moisture have formed on the bottom of sink while sinking in cold temperature especially when we place some frozen food in the sink. Drops of moisture drip down over time without notice will result in water seepage and damage your cabinet.


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