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Prevent Sink Leakage Problem

Prevent Sink Leakage Problem
The knowledge you should know to prevent Sink Leakage problem

Why kitchen sink very likely encounter water leakage over time due to silicon easily get off from edge of sink? This problem often happened in many household kitchens and here is some knowledge you should know to prevent this problem from happening at least for 20 years.

The very obvious cause of water leakage is that silicon surrounding sink edge tends to drop over time and the cause comes from the improper installation method and it is what contractors won’t tell you. For top-mount sink, most of the contractors in order to simplify their work, they tend to only apply silicon on upper edge of sink and it easily drops as it rinses with water every day. What they supposed to do is not only apply silicon on upper edge but also should apply in inner edge as inner edge allow more space to apply silicon to enhance attachment strength also not easy rinse by water.

Top-mount sink silicon sealant


For under-mount sink, contractors should apply double silicon sealant which placed two layers of silicon on both sink’s edge and the inner cabinet structure wood that support the sink each in order to enhance the strength of attaching between the countertop, sink edge and inner cabinet support structure.

Under-mount sink silicon sealant

Besides, a crucial step must be performed to make the entire installation process to consider the completion but most of the contractors choose to omit it. No matter top-mount or under-mount sink should fill with full of water after installed and applied silicon, the reason is to provide weight and downforce to strengthen the silicon. Especially under-mount sink, this process is important to make the sink’s edge flat beside strengthening the silicon since the under-mount sink’s edge is very thin and usually not totally flat due to machine molding and the curved sink’s edge can result in easy water leaking.

Improper installation of sink result in sink leakage and end up damage the whole kitchen cabinet badly. It is important to learning the knowledge to monitor your kitchen sink installation to prevent financial loss and as a guide to choosing a good contractor or installer.

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