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Termite Problem

Termite Problem
The Worst Nightmare!! Termite disasters!! You can prevent it if you care!!

Many people find their kitchen cabinet damage by termite over time since typically cabinet carcass mostly build by wood material. The observe way to prevent is to avoid using wood in your cabinet, there are stainless steel and aluminum carcass available in the market though expensive but is worth for long run. However, there are also some ways to minimize the risk besides using stainless steel and aluminum carcass.

Firstly careful observation may help you avoid big losses. If you found drill holes exist around floor corners while you first move in which means possibly termite problem happened and existed before, those holes possibly are used for insert termitcide before.

Other than that, you still can deal with it more cost saving where exempt of the back panel of your kitchen cabinet make the wall visible is easier to notice termite for you to terminate it before goes worse. Peradventure you can simplify back panel structure to keep the wall visible. The reason is because most homeowners incur losses due to didn’t realize termite keep growing and damaging at behind of cabinet back panel until it too late.


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