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Kitchen Sink Leakage Problem

Kitchen Sink Leakage Problem
Always water seepage and leakage problem? The problem may come from the faucet’s mounting location.

The water seepage and leakage problem can result in a serious damage of your kitchen cabinet!! A small leaking without notice and taking care of it will end up the whole cabinet expand, moldy, contract and total damage. It is very costly to recover it. Besides monetary problem, there is also difficult to find a contractor to just repair the certain part of the cabinet since is profitless and complicated.

Most of the people didn’t realize the problem comes from the faucet’s mounting location.

Faucet position Malaysia Kitchen Cabinet


Most of the people will choose to mount the faucet on countertop of the cabinet rather than attach on wall. Most of the contractor didn’t clearly mention to customers or even didn’t realize that mount the faucet on countertop will easier happen leakage problem compare to attach faucet on wall. The reason is the faucet’s mounting position can easily loose as you turn and twist frequently every day. Once the faucet loses attach from the counter surface, water will easily go inside internal structure part induce rust of pipes and damage the cabinet internal.

Beside, faucets that integrated with sink which known as drop-in sink are the easiest one to loose as the attachment strength is weakest.

On the other hand, the mounting location that attached faucets on wall is more firm for you to turn and twist frequently and not easy happen leakage problem. Thus the experience and responsibility of contractor are critically important. However, today modern household are prefer mount faucet on the surface top as more good looking, hence make a choice between beautiful and durable become your consideration. Using high-grade sealant is what you must apply while you prefer to mount your faucet on countertop.

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