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Looking for a minimalist kitchen appearance? Then 4G glass door is the way to go. 4G glass doors is a slight upgrade from 3G glass, as the aluminium door frame is thinner and hidden from the front, giving your kitchen cabinets a seamless finish.
The making of 4G glass doors also includes a thin layer of crystal spray paint, which adds more shine effect to the surface, and an extra layer of protection. When paired with cupboard lighting, it also adds depth and style to 4G glass kitchen doors.
Homeowners who are concerned about termite infestation can feel at ease, as the making of 4G glass doors does not involve any wooden materials. 
Due to its sharper edges, the material may not be suitable for households with young children.

Due to its scratch-resistant surface, 3G glass doors is the preferred choice of Malaysian homeowners that value is not only glossy surface. Acrylic on the other hand is more prone to scratches.
Another feature of 3G glasses is its built-in door handles. As the aluminium frame runs through the height of the door, it is also served as the door handle, and often comes with soft-close hinges.
Overall, 3G glass doors are generally easy to take care of as any stains can be cleaned off easily.